Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Different Type Of Stage Lighting

The Brooklyn Ballet is now home to some unique costume and lighting effects. Motion sensors, processors and LEDs are used to enhance dancer's movements and result in dynamic visuals. 

Advances in lighting and technology have changed the way designers and directors can illuminate a performance venue, but apart from lighting the entertainment space, they can actually create visual effects that become one with the performers.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Record Breaking Illumination From A Turn-Of-The Century Bulb

This bulb proves that incandescent light can have impressive longevity. What design factor has enabled it to burn for over 110 years? Scientists can't confirm so long as it's lit. 

There’s an incandescent lightbulb in Livermore, California that’s been burning since 1901, with the exception of a few power outages and moves when it was temporary switched off. While its brightness has waned from 60 watts now to 4 watts, it still remains lit and functional for over a hundred years.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Renaissance Art Meets Digital Age Lighting

LEDs are being used in art venues that include the UK's National Gallery and the Sistine Chapel. What makes this lighting option so practical for museums?  

There’s a lot going on in museums that we don’t often think about. While it’s easy to lose yourself in a painting or sculpture, there are many external factors that affect the way in which that happens. One key component is lighting. And now, venues with some of the most iconic and timeless works of art are updating their lighting with more advanced and efficient bulbs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is Mercedes Making A Smarter Choice With Their New Headlights?

Why has Mercedes gone in a different direction from Audi and BMW when it comes to new headlights? Have they made the right choice? 

As lighting advances, so too do headlight options used in luxury automobiles. While laser headlights have gotten a lot of attention in 2014 after Audi and BMW have incorporated them in their latest models, Mercedes isn’t about to follow.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Energy Savings And A Sense Of Pride

Have you made energy efficiency a priority in the space you do business? Some companies see it as more than just a way to save considerable cost but also as a point of pride.  

While swapping out inefficient, outdated lighting in favor of more sustainable and economic options can seem like a no brainer at home, a lot of business owners can easily get lost when it comes to remodeling their offices, shops, and spaces into something more efficient, safer, and greener.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Low Heat Lightbulbs And Cool Design

What happens when 3D printing and LEDs get together? You get dramatic light fixtures with a very cool effect. Could designs like these help integrate more LEDs into high-end home decor? 

This year has been a big one when it comes to new bulb innovations and re-imagining of lighting in your average home. As consumers are rethinking their lightbulb purchasing habits, energy savings and use, designers are also using technology to give home interior lighting a new look.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's Keeping LEDs From More Widespread Use?

For a long time it was cost that kept most consumers from introducing LEDs into their homes, but that's no longer the main factor preventing them replacing incandescents. How soon will manufacturers overcome this latest LED obstacle? 

LED lighting has come a long way. Recent advancements have them more versatile, ultra efficient, less expensive, and more accessible than ever before. LED lightbulbs are a prime example of how one piece of technology can go from being a specialty item to a household product in just a few years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Connected Lighting For The Masses

Lots of people are interested in connected lighting, but it is costly to incorporate into your average home. That may soon change thanks to an app and a special switch. 

Connected lighting is an exciting innovation that gives you a new level of control over the lighting in a space but it’s currently complicated and expensive to integrate. However, this may change thanks to a new app-controlled, Bluetooh LE lighting system that consists of a seemingly simple lightbulb and captive touch light switch.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Could LEDs Break Into The Mainstream Due To One Change?

Removing one element from the household LED lightbulb may make them more affordable and familiar in appearance. Will this mean a major change for the lighting industry? 

Like CFLs when they first hit the mass market, household LEDs are still a rarity for your average table lamp or screw-in recessed fixture. Their upfront cost and unfamiliar appearance is partly to blame, but that may change thanks to a new LED bulb that’s been stripped of its heat sink.